Superhero / Character Dog Fleece 4 Legged PJ's

Please specify breed/cross and sex for cut

Made with the same high quality fleece the original 4 legged pj's' made into a superhero/character style 

Can be made into a "step-in" version for elderly and arthritic dogs 

Available in a wide range of characters,  also has the option of a detachable cape

Don't see your favourite, just contact for a bespoke design

Our ever popular PJ's are warm and snuggly and have no fastenings or fixings, making them perfect for wearing overnight

Useful for all breeds, but especially ideal for Greyhounds, Lurchers, Whippets, or any dog who gets cold easily

Suitable for indoor and overnight wear - an essential when camping!

Made to your specifications

Crew or Polo neck

Cut to allow toileting without 'mess'