Snuggle Wrap Beds - Sherpa / Faux Fur Lined - Super Soft Cuddle Fleece

Please type in the colour/pattern for the outside of the bed Please enter your colour/pattern choosing from the fabric chart (Do not enter a choice I dont stock, please email first)

The Sherpa Lined Wrap Bed is made with a fleece colour / pattern outside of your choice with 8oz wadding sewn inside.

Ideal for dogs to snuggle inside as the wraps are filled with wadding the bed holds it shape and allows the dog to get in and out unaided.

Perfect for snuggling into on a cold night, or for those who just like something to cuddle, these items equal doggy heaven.

These snuggle wrap beds are ideal because you can sleep easy knowing your pet is warm and happy in their durable, snuggly bed.

The Snuggle bed wraps your dog for a truly snuggletastic sleep.. woofderful dreams guaranteed!!!

Washable on a low heat 30 degrees, dry naturally but DO NOT tumble dry alternatively steam clean.

Guide only as depends on actual size of your dog if in doubt always order the bigger size

Small -  Terriers/Dachshunds/JRT, Toy dogs etc

Medium - Whippets, Lurchers, Spaniels, Staffys etc

Large - Greyhounds, labradors, or 2 dogs etc