Dog /Puppy Blanket / Super Soft Cuddle Fleece / Sherpa and Faux Fur

£14.00 £12.00

Super soft Luxury Cuddle Fleece Puppy/Dog Blanket in a wide range of cuddle fleece patterns backed with sherpa fleece or faux fur

All young puppies feel secure in a soft comfortable spot, and these blankets are the perfect addition as they are made with the softest of fabric.  Whether you put the blanket in their bed, on the sofa, or the back of the car, your new pup will nap in comfort after their busy day of playing and walking.

Wash at 30 degrees, do not dry clean, bleach or iron this product.

Suitable for young and old dogs, but please check for wear and tear, and seek an immediate vet if any fabrics have been ingested.  And remember that pups chew and claw, and that no blanket is indestructible

Can be personalised for your extra special dog