Dog Fleece Jumper - High Performance

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Our original 'Fleece Jumper' is an all-in-one garment, with no fastenings.

Water repellent, soft, lightweight, warm and comfortable fleece jumper which will retain much of its insulating powers even when wet. It makes an ideal outerwear fabric because it actively wicks moisture away from the body. It is a high performance product that offers warmth and is soft to the touch. 

Being non-absorbent, your dog will not have to sit in a damp coat.


Can be made into a "step-in" version for elderly and arthritic dogs - (please be advised that if you choose the cuddle fleece as opposed to polar fleece, you will need to take care with the velcro when putting on your dog and washing, as the velcro will stick to the pile in the cuddle fleece fabric therefore the polar fleece colours/patterns are best suited for this type of garment).  


Useful for all breeds of dog, but especially ideal for Greyhounds, Lurchers, Whippets, or any dog who struggles in the cold.


Ideal for sporting dogs to keeping warm before competing


A must for camping 

Suitable for indoor, outdoor and overnight wear


Made to your specifications

Crew or Polo neck, Long, Short or No leg (banded)


Shortened chest piece for males