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Forest Fleece Products

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Wrap Tunnel Beds
Fleece 4 legged PJs
Our Fleece PJs are the ultimate garment in terms of warmth.

Suitable for everyday wear in the winter, they are also ideal for camping trips at any time of the year. (Step-In version available.)

Fleece Coats
A coat is considered to be an essential item for most breeds of dog nowadays, especially in the colder months. We offer them in a range of colours and patterns to help keep your dog comfy right through the year.
Fleece Jumpers
An all-in-one garment that is perfect for overnight wear as it has no fixings or fastenings at all.

Choose from a wide range of colours & patterns, and now also available with a 'Step-In' feature, for the less mobile.

Fleece Superheros
All the benefits of our regular fleece jumper, but with that extra bit of flair. ... Show the world what a true Superhero your dog is! And now available with the option of a FREE detachable cape!
'Cool' Coats
Our towelling 'Cool' Coat is actually a dual purpose item.

Used wet it is proven to lower your dog's body temperature, by wicking away heat from the skin. ... When dry, it is ideal for using after bathing, swimming or hydrotherapy.

Towelling Onesie
The ultimate luxury after any kind of wet activity, our towelling onesie keeps your dog warm whilst they are drying off.

Made with either a zip or velcro fastening along the spine to make it quick & easy to get onto a wet dog.

Beds & Blankets
Perfect for snuggling into on a cold night, or for those who just like something to cuddle, these items equal doggy heaven.

Fully customisable & now also available with Luxury FAUX Fur!

'Make A Statement'
A range of products, including leads, vests & t-shirts, to help you get your message across. ... More items coming soon!

Can be embroidered with any statement, such as 'Adopt Me', 'I Need Space', 'Do Not Feed' etc. (Charity discounts available.)

Stopper Pad Protectors
Designed to prevent damage to your dog's paws during vigorous exercise, such as Agility, Flyball etc. Can also be used as an aid to assist healing after a pad/dew claw injury, or even after surgery.
Special Offers / Vouchers

Personalised Leads