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Forest Fleece Products

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Fleece Jumpers
A complete range of fleece jumpers, suitable for all dogs.

Options include Crew/Polo Neck, multiple leg lengths, a multitude of plain or patterned fleeces & a 'Step-In' version for the less mobile.

Fleece 4-Legged PJ's
Fleece PJ's for those really cold nights. Perfect for camping!

Cut to allow toileting without any mess. And now also available in our 'Step-In' design, for those with mobility issues.

Whippet/Dog Wraps
The Whippet wraps are not just for whippets but for any dog or cat. Made with top quality polar fleece and are lined with either luxury fur or sherpa fleece depending on your choice. Lets your dog safely snuggle in the bed keeping warm underneath and over the top. Wont slip off like blankets, and dogs can easily get in and out the bed themselves.
Quilted Waterproof Coat
The quilted coat can be lined with polar fleece or sherpa fleece for extra warmth . The quilted fabric is 2oz nylon with 2oz wadding The coat can have a sewn neck so can be slipped over the head or can have a velcro neck so coat is placed on the dog and fastened around the neck. The coat has a velcro belt, which allows for some adjustment . The coats are again available in all the colours shown and can be lined with the colour/patterns shown and are trimmed with a contrasting binding.
Super Hero Dog Fleece Jumpers
Super Hero Dog Fleece Jumper The same high quality as the fleece jumpers but a new range of designs based on super heros
Waterproof 4 legged onesie suit
The 4 legged dog waterproof onesie will keep your dogs dry on them wet and muddy walks. Designed to be worn outdoors as they are cut to allow your dog to go to the toilet without having to take the waterproof onesie off. They are also ideal for camping holidays. They can be made in a choice of 16 waterproof colours and the style can be varied to suit your dog, ie: polo neck collar or crew neck, short or long legs. They have a velcro strip along the back so they are easy to put on, and even easier to take off when the onesie is wet and muddy, just undo the velcro and your dog can step off the suit, allowing you to wipe over and hang up until dry. Made with 4oz PU waterproof available in 22 colours!!! Waterproof fabric 4oz 100% polyester fabric back coated with polyurethane, PU, inherently treated, this gives the fabric a waterproof barrier resistant to water and block out rain, wide range of uses, durable and washable at 30c. With elastic or fleece cuffs
Football/Rugby Dog Coats
Football/Rugby Dog Walkout Coats Designed in your team colours with emblem/logo embroidered on
Walkout Dog Fleece Overcoat
Fleece Walkout coat. Choose from Sherpa or Fleece lined. In a choice of any of the fleece colours and trims. (Also available single layer only)
Wax Dog Coat
This is a beautiful waterproof 100% Natural Cotton Waxed Fabric made in England. It has been known to have a history of use in wet and cold English climate - especially by seafaring fishermen in olden times who used it in order to stay dry for longer! Aesthetically pleasing in appearance, this waxed cotton has a lovely sheen to it and a special antique effect finish which provides it a rustic and worn sort of appearance once in use. It is a 2-fold (double) waxed fabric, and is mid-weight Can this fabric be washed in a washing machine? A: !!! NO - THIS FABRIC SHOULD NOT BE WASHED AT ALL !!! it can only be wiped clean using cold water and a clean cloth. No detergents nor chemicals should ever be used. Re-waxing is not required frequently if used with care, wax being heavy tends to (very) slowly move downward if a waxed jacket is kept hanging for too long! this can be easily re-waxed by just putting the jacket in the sun for some time - this tends to loosen up the wax and helps in self coating! there are wax sprays avaliable if re-waxing is required and even some mills offer re-waxing facilities if required. It is normal for this antique finished wax to show marks where it has been folded - this precisely is the "antique" finish which makes the fabric look rustic and 'in use'. These marks are not permanent and will go away as the wax shifts and spreads with heat and weight all the time
Stopper Pad Protectors
Suede bonded sherpa stopper pad protectors fixed with Hook & Loop (Velcro) tape. Protects your dogs stopper pads and dew clews from injuries especially if your dog is involved in Flyball, Agility or Lure Racing/Coursing.
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